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Kenya's west coast - Lake Victoria Safari Village

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This homepage was established with the purpose to promote tourism in the region around Lake Victoria in Western Kenya in general and in Mbita, South Nyanza in particular. We promote the area as:  

Kenya's West-coast.

For a Kenya Safari with a difference, head west and experience the magnificent beauty of Lake Victoria.

In order to assist you reach Kenya's west-coast, we organize and advice you on what can be done . For your safari needs do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will arrange all your overland transport, guiding, accommodation and will develop a specialised  itinerary to suit your wishes.

Lake Victoria Safari Village is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria in quiet and nice surroundings, 3 km from Mbita town and just inland of Rusinga and Mfangano islands. 

A description how to reach us is given on the Area Map page

Balmly tropical weather and the clear cool waters of Lake Victoria, make Mbita an ideal place for relaxing on the shores. Wide warm sandy beaches, perfect for swimming fringe the lake, surrounded by quiet fishing villages and lush green hills. The lake is ideal for exploration by boat and is regarded as Africa's finest fishing grounds. The place is a paradise for birdwatchers.


The village consists of attractive round traditional huts thatched with papyrus reeds. Each double room has its own bathroom with shower and a private veranda overlooking the lake. It is a comfortable place with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The perfect place to sniff the breeze, while gazing out on the lake and the islands beyond.  

The Village  also has a Lighthouse - a Honeymoon Suite - built on rocks next to the lakeshore.


Western Kenya is one of Kenya's  least known and visited regions. The area has a lot to offer visitors and is an undiscovered world of wonders. The west coast is endlessly diverse and has lush green highlands, tropical rainforests, the great expanse of Lake Victoria - the legendary source of the Nile, and much, much more. The region is home to fascinating cultures, mythology and a history that lives and breathes in sacred sites and thriving traditional festivals. Stunning landscapes, wonderful wildlife, adventures, bird watching and more await the visitor/s to Kenya's west coast. 

Take a safari west and embark on a journey of discovery...................................

You may read about the Lake Victoria Safari Village in both "The Lonely Planet" and "The Rough Guide" books, both updated in 2009

There are links to some Newspaper articles about Safari Village and Mbita area on the Links page

Photo Albums from some of the activities arranged can be seen on our facebook page (link on top of this page) 

We have collected some information about the nearby islands, the lake itself,  Ruma National Park, some popular activities and a map to show you how to get here and for you to acquaint yourself with the area beforehand. 

Some useful information:

The Village is located 00° 26’ 44” S and 34° 11’ 53” E at an altitude 1137 meters above sea level. The temperature varies between 15-20° C at night to 25-30° C during the day. The days are normally sunny and warm. Rainfall can be experienced during the months of May-June and October-November, normally late afternoon or during the night.

The people of Mbita are friendly and unspoiled by modern tourism. The area is the perfect place to meet “Black Africa”. Mbita is stated by the “Lonely Planet travel books” to be as far out in the Wilderness as you can come in Kenya.

Some photos from the Village:





During my compilation of these pages I have  requested various people to use their material, photographs, etc. in order to cover the subjects well. I want to thank everybody for their encouraging support and I have tried to acknowledge such assistance by making a link to their homepage at an appropriate place. In particular I want to thank my old friend from the schooldays, Dag Paus for letting me use several of his photographs that he has taken during his countless visits to Kenya's west coast.

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