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Kenya's west coast - Lake Victoria Safari Village

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Our rates:


Meals will be charged per person as follows: Lunch and Supper KES 800

Drinks: Beers KES 200, sodas KES 100, wine per glass KES 400, these are examples only- Full food and drinks menu available.


2017 East African Residents, valid from 15th Dec. 2016:                                      

                                                             Per room             

Bed and Breakfast:

Single room:                                        KES 4,900            

Double or twin room:                         KES 6,700              

Triple room:                                        KES 8,100            

Quadruple room (Kingfisher Hut)   KES10,400            

Extra charge for Lighthouse Suite  KES 1,500 (sells only as double room)

2017 Non-Residents, valid from 15th Dec. 2016:

Bed and Breakfast:

Single room:                                         USD   75                               

Double or twin room:                          USD 120               

Triple room:                                         USD 160              

Quadruple room (Kingfisher Hut)    USD  180             

Extra charge for Lighthouse

 Suite (honeymoon suite)                    USD   15 (sells only as double room)

Booking conditions:

Reservations will be held until 5.00 p.m. unless we   

are advised of late arrival earlier the same day.


Cancellation fees are as follows:

-         more than 5 days in advance: no charge

-         between 5-2 days in advance: 30 % of the total cost will be charged.

-         less than 2 days in advance: 50 % of the total cost will be charged.

-         less than 1 day in advance: 70 % of the total cost will be charged.

-         no show. 100 % of the total cost will be charged

Children Policy

Child under 3years:     Free of charge

"3-12years":                 50% of adult rate if sharing with 1 or 2 adults

                                        75% of adult rate if sharing with 1 or 2 others

                                        aged "3-12 years" or if single

                                       Child 12 years+1 day: Adult rate